Church Interior


At New Beginnings Church, we are committed to worshiping God and raising up disciple-making disciples. As we seek to honor God in this mission, we are in the middle of a new beginning of our own.

New Beginnings Church was formed in 2015 as a merger between Kirkwood Baptist Church and Lifegate Bible Church in order to serve the Lord better together. After functioning in a traditional model of church for three years, we began to question if this was the best way to honor God in our worship. We evaluated whether we were promoting the traditions of man over the commands of God in how we meet together. Through much prayer and discussion we made the decision beginning in August 2018 that we would begin to meet in multiple house churches rather than a weekly large corporate gathering.

We will still meet the first Sunday of the month for a combined gathering, but the rest of the month we will meet in houses throughout the city. We are excited to be walking in obedience to what we see God laying out for us and look forward to seeing Him grow our love for each other and our community as we seek Him.